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4:04pm August 8th]
Paul Newman says he will die at home

I feel so depressed.
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nobama [Thursday
1:00pm July 10th]
Sorry Obama, you have let me down.

Your overwhelming support of Israel was one thing, but this is a deal-breaker.

This news has ruined my day. I can't even enjoy debugging my program (which I was, surprisingly, as it reminds me of good ol' programming days of yester-semester).
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1:34pm July 7th]
So, I have finally jumped on the bandwagon and started reading those vampire books everyone is freaking out about (Twilight and two more, I can't remember the other two). On my sister's recommendation...I never thought I'd read something on my 11-year-old sister's recommendation, but here we go. I finished Twilight last night, and...


I mean, DAMN. Seriously guys. He's the only fictional character who's gotten my heart racing (as far as romantic scenes go). He's such a manly man. Except he's a vampire, so not really.
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3:07am June 19th]

So good!

It's HTML code, and it reads:

end Bush
start Obama

Late night online shopping ftw!
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1:06am June 19th]
So yesterday, I asked the following riddle:

A man corners you in an alley and says, "If you tell a lie I will kill you with a knife. If you tell the truth I will kill you with a gun." What do you say to stay alive?

Answer!Collapse )
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siesta por favor, senor! [Wednesday
4:04am June 18th]
Yo no hablo espanol...clearly. (clearamente?)

Hablo or habla? Did I even spell espanol correctly (why do I think it needs a g)? Is that word capitalized in Spanish? Ahh, yo no se, yo no care-o.

I have to get up for work in 3.5 hours, and for some reason, I'm not passed out right now. All day all my heart yearns is a nap room (like they have at Google-- at least the one in Zurich-- well, technically it's a room full of massage chairs and it's amazing (looking), but I'd use it as a nap room-- hell, I bet they actually HAVE a nap room! Godammit), but whenever I get home I'm wide awake and ready to surf the web. I don't think looking at pictures of Google's work environment (at work, no less) is beneficial to my psyche.

Plano gets pretty lonely. Not to mention, excruciatingly boring (actually I think I mentioned that in my last entry...hardee har har). I've been torrenting an endless amount of music. I basically ask around and see what people like and download that shit. Or hit up and see what my buds are listening to and straight up copy that shit. I am shameless. I don't mind jumping on the bandwagon (on, right?) after everyone else, as long as I'm on the fucking wagon. I'm kidding! Man that sounded pathetic though. (When you talk about bandwagons in terms of alcoholics, not being an alcoholic means you jumped off the bandwagon, right? I remember some episode of Seinfeld where Elaine corrects Jerry about this but I don't remember what she said. I could look this stuff up online...but telling you is much more fun).

Today it rained, so I said, "I hope it's still raining when I get home! I love sleeping when it's raining, b/c I think it's so romantic." And then Matt and Jose were all, "Since when is sleeping alone romantic?" And I couldn't explain it...I know it but I can't explain it ("If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough." Touche, Einstein). I even tried looking that shit up on wikipedia, but that failed as well. If you can put my thoughts into words, please tell me so I can explain to these dunces that romance doesn't always have something to do with lovers (I'm right, right?). Computer science has sucked all the creative juices out of me. Sometimes I can't think of words. Acronym is a frequent one I forget, I always want to call acronyms abbreviations. Dummy.

I'm kidding about Matt and Jose being dunces. They're actually two of the smartest people I know. Also they might read this, I need some sort of disclaimer.

Yo quiero sleep-o. Adios muchachos.


A man corners you in an alley and says, "If you tell a lie I will kill you with a knife. If you tell the truth I will kill you with a gun." What do you say to stay alive? No one word answers, must be declarative statement. Don't cheat.
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7:55pm June 14th]
So...woot, semester is over! I'm currently in Dallas on my internship at Texas Instruments. Not sure how much more I'm allowed to I allowed to talk about my job? I don't want to get fired like that Google kid...however, I will say Office Space = my office. I love corporate America.

Plano is extremely boring (work headquarters are in Dallas, I'm in Plano). The two other interns in my office are cool, they are both from UT (Matt and Jose). We all actually flew down to TI and interviewed together. Matt bought a k'nex set, so I'm really looking forward to the rest of the summer.

I'm in a cafe right now, just for the sake of getting out of my apartment complex. A band is playing for an audience of...4, including me. They keep making "funny" banter, which is just really awkward. I really want to listen to my music, but I figure it'd be little douchey of me to do that, especially since there are hardly any people here.

I have a creepy old man neighbor who I'm pretty sure wants to molest me. He keeps asking if I have a husband/boyfriend, has tried to step into my apartment when I made the mistake of opening the door for him, has told me he's seen my light on at 1, 2 in the morning, and then proceeded to invite me over any time i wanted to "watch movies." And then he said, "A lot of people say I'm a flirt, and I am, especially with cute girls like you." And then when he finally left he slid a note under my door with his number on it, saying to call him either b/c 11 pm and 1 am, or 11 pm and 10 am (can't tell if what looks like the 0 is actually a 0 or something crossed out). What person wants you to call them after 11 pm? What post-70-yr-old man wants you to call them after 11 pm? He's not a sex offender, I've checked. He creeps the shit out of me. And he lives right across the hall from me-- our doors are facing each other. Now whenever I leave my apartment I look through the peephole to make sure nobody is there and run the hell out.

I'm taking a history class online at HCC. Our hw assignments are basically to answer questions on the discussion boards. First question: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Yessssss.

Aaauuuugh, couple dozen high schoolers have just entered the building. Suddenly I feel insecure and uncool.

I will end on this note:

So. Cool.
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1:13pm February 29th]
So I've been thinking, and even though I'm not an Obama supporter (Ron Paul ftw! woot!), I think it would be amazing to have someone in the White House about whom so many people get excited. Plus, he's quite the looker.

ALSO: Last week Bill Gates came and gave a talk to us computer science and computer engineering majors. THEN this past Wednesday Bill CLINTON came to UT and was spewing Hillary propaganda at us, but it was good. I SAW BILL CLINTON. LAKSJGLKSDJGKLSD I LOVE HIM. People will be as excited for Obama as they were for that guy. Aw man, that was awesome.

I have a tutoring job! I work at the UT Learning Center, and in 43 minutes I have my first appointment! Kid's in M408L, which is the second class in the 3-series calculus sequence. Apparently they are doing integration by parts and trig substitution, so I'm wikipedia-ing that shit right now.
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1:15am February 15th]
So, the website I have listed on my lj profile is my old myspace url (before I deleted it). Now someone else took my domain! Whoaaaaaa. I wonder how many people think that guy is actually me...
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11:58pm February 14th]
Guess WHAT? I got my first Valentine's rose today! Adam and Juan invited Ana, Laura, Monica and me to their apartment for a Valentine's dinner (I figure I should introduce you all to my cast of characters, this is basically my Copa crew) and it was so good. Juan was a grumpy father who watched tv and complained about being hungry. Adam was the wife who made dinner (salmon + rice*). Ana and I were the children/servants who put together a chair for them. Anyway, Adam and Juan got all the girls roses! I never thought I'd be so happy to get a flower, I see people with them all the time and I don't give a shit, but I felt pretty snooty walking around with my flower.

On another note, I really hate being stood up. Today I was stood up twice for studying. That displeases me immensely.

On another note, I have a rose! And I am full. Fin.

* After learning logical notation in electrical engineering I want to say "salmon*rice" because "+" denotes "or," not "and"...I know, stupid thing to mention, but I want to remember thinking that.
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2:00am February 11th]
The other day Nirav was facebook stalking me (actually, we were talking about a guy who is sort of stalking me and I guess he decided to join in on the fun) and he found the link to this very journal and started and pasting back embarrassing entries (it was over aim). Yeah, it was pretty weird. I was such a doofus. I'm actually still a doofus, pretty much, but a much bitchier one, I think.

Tomorrow I have my first test of Spring 2008 in linear algebra. This stuff is pretty easy, but I'm terrified, per usual, that I'll fuck things up...but with good reason, as I usually fuck things up. But I mean, this stuff is EASY. I will not tolerate anything less than a 90. I'll cry if I get anything less than that. I also will lie to everyone about my grade if I get anything less than a 90 because I'll be too ashamed. So you will never know.

Just kiddin', lj peeps, I could never lie to y'all!

I found an apartment! I will be living...somewhere. I will not say where, because said semi-stalker can already find me over aim, I don't need him at my living quarters. Anyway, I will say that it's close to campus and super cute and I really love it. And it's OFFICIALLY mine, I was freaking out as I was signing the papers that by the time I got my stuff in, it would be too late. But everything is in, all my forms, so I'm all set. I can't wait to invade Ik-k-kia and furnish the place, although that won't take up too much time, it's hellsa tiny. But it's MINE.

So far, things are going pretty well...last night I was a little down, but now I am back up to the upper part of medium. Hooray for rising moods!
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2:14am January 5th]

The scholarship fund in Danny's name is now permanent! :)

Today, on the news, there was this thing about a guy surviving a 47-story fall...and while I'm happy he survived, I couldn't help but think that it's not fair...I mean, it was 5 stories.

But the fund being made permanent is great news. Thank you to everyone who donated!
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12:54am December 26th]
Christmas is over! Can't wait to get back to Houston and go to Zara for the sale!
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Feliz Navidad, y'all! [Tuesday
2:45pm December 25th]
hold me.

SKIING! [Tuesday
3:43am December 25th]
ZOMG I've forgotten how much fun skiing is! Seriously, best sport ever. I mean, you might look like a complete idiot going down the easy little hills, but you feel like such a badass, zipping down so fast! Well, except for the time, let's say, you totally underestimate the height of this one hill, are going down, and freak the fuck out and flip over a few times, and make the rest of the way down crouched back on your skis like a little wuss...but other than that, what a great sport!

Also, things didn't quite work out the way I planned with my skiing instructor...mostly due to the fact that she was a woman...
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12:00pm December 23rd]

So I'm in the airport (free internet! happy happy joy joy!) waiting for my flight to Calgary. Right now it's 44 degrees outside and I barely survived...and now, I have to play around in the fucking snow??? ARRRRRGH. Well, it's not snowing in Calgary, but we are going skiing...which is the only reason I tolerate snow. Otherwise, I couldn't care less. When it snowed in Houston, I stayed inside and grimaced under my blankets like an old woman. I get cold pretty easily. I can feel it in mah booooooones.

I think I'm going to list my livejournal under websites on facebook...I don't really know why I feel like announcing that...maybe so people won't think I'm posting it b/c I actually think they're going to be interested in anything I write in here. However, I like the idea that maybe someone out there will eagerly await a new post...unlikely...or at least mosey on over here when they are bored out of their fucking minds. I CAN HELP.

I cannot wait to ski! I cannot wait to go downhill fast fast fast! Except I know, when the time comes, I'm going to be terrified out of my mind and not want to be up on that hill/mountain (molehill?)...always happens to me on rollercoasters-- as we're going up-up-up I immediately regret getting on, realize it's too late to get off...I'm not really sure where this is all going. I'm in the airport and I'm bored. Khalas.
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1:18pm December 22nd]
I guess I should make a not-so-depressing post, which would be more indicative of my general mood. For whatever reason, I go through weird mood swings every so often (which are NOT correlated with my period, thank you very much!) and I feel weirdly depressed for a few days. It's usually when I've had limited contact with the outside world, or I want more contact than I currently have, which is sort of my situation right now.

But! That will soon change. I'm leaving to Canada tomorrow, and I'm going to see my best friend! I feel like a 5-year-old calling her my best friend, but she seriously is. We met in middle school...7th grade...didn't like each other much at first, and she was friends with this other girl I also didn't like (Zainab, she's got a few mentions in here, but we're really good buddies now). Then, one day, we were getting friendly, and we blurted out a secret of Zainab's we both knew to each other...the same secret! And then we became friends. After the 9th grade she moved to Canada, and even though I hardly get a chance to talk to her, I still consider her to be my best friend. It's weird...I mean, we have so much catching up to do, and it's not like I've told her every little secret or anything, and I have other "best friends," but she's the only person I'm willing to actually call my best friend, maybe because we actually used that label back when it was socially acceptable (middle school, y'all!). Anyway, her name is Zahra and I cannot WAIT to see her.

In other news...I bought a hat! ZOMG! I look like a boy when I wear a hat, but this hat...this hat...this hat still makes me look like a boy, but it's necessary for the freezing weather in Calgary. ALSO! Skiing lessons! Man, I hope my instructor is really hot! Oh boy oh boy. Then we'll fall in love...erm...lust and have a sordid affair deep in the woods and then run away to Paris where I will be happy with my life but he will fall into a deep depression as a result of being away from the snow and skiing, so he'll be unable to fulfill my needs, which I will have fulfilled by our pool boy, only to have him find us and shoot us in a fit of rage, after which he will go back to Canada and try and restart his life as a skier only to then find out he has bad knees and then he turns the gun on himself. Fin.
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1:08pm December 22nd]
I'm so glad this sucky suck sucky year is over. I mean, lots of good things have happened, but the few bad things (or the one that really counts) far outweigh everything else. I find it odd though, that I think of the new year as a new beginning, when all that's really happening is the year's just another day, and it doesn't erase what happened the year before. And it sucks, because while I'm moving on, some people won't, because they have to live with the consequences of what happened. And that really sucks, a lot...I mean, this is their first Christmas without him...already had their first Thanksgiving without him...first New Year's without year they'll have his first birthday without him...and it might get easier as the years go on, and it's something I don't think about all the time, and as time goes on, I will think about it less and less, but if you're his mother or father or brother you will always be confronted with this hole in your life for the rest of your life. I just want to send them all lots and lots of hugs and pretend that hugging people will make things better...which they don't...but hugs always make me feel better, at least, and I'd like to think they'd do the same for other people.
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6:11pm December 12th]
bla bla bla whine whine whine another entry in order to avoid studying to avoid the reality that i'm going to fail this test bla bla blaaaaaaaaaa
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11:20pm November 24th]
So whenever I make a new livejournal friend I feel like making an they think I'm interesting, perhaps? (Boy, are they in for a disappointment!)

Yesterday I went to "Franksgiving"! Yeah, I was allowed to go to a park for a co-ed get-together, except we all ended up at Frank's house, but parents do not need to know now, do they? That was fun fun fun. I saw Dina and found out she is half-muslim! Apparently one set of her grandparents are muslim WHOAAAA SHE IS ONE OF ME! Well, half of one of me. Also, I totally kicked ass at Apples to Apples.

Today Eden and I hung out...hanged out? hunged? Vaaaa I don't care. We watched "Lars and the Real Girl" which is a GREAT movie. Watch it watch it watch it! Then we went to Cafe Artiste (Richmond and Mun...something...I forget-- the first street after Dunlavy, it's a pretty cool place though) and played Scrabble and Trivial Pursuit from we hardly knew any of the answers. Well, I knew more of the pop culture stuff, my brother knew the sports stuff, and Eden just knew a bunch of stuff.

Also, to Frank and John: Happy happy birthday!

I go back to UT tomorrow! I'm pretty terrified at the amount of work I have to do...but the break was nice. I won't think about it till tomorrow.

I really like UT now. This time last year I was really depressed about being in Austin, but now I'm really happy I'm here, it's a lot of fun. Maybe it's the salsa that's cheered me up considerably...I think that has a lot to do with it, b/c it's basically the only thing I look forward to/can count on all week. Sad? Perhaps. Whatever floats my boat.
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